Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crossing the Threshold

Hello there.

I'm really quite glad you're here. And while I do hope you decide to stick around, I hold no illusions. Primarily, a place such as this is simply an outlet, yet another form of expression. A place I can proudly publish my thoughts.

But introductions are in order. I am an author, amateur linguist, and avid reader. Basically, a lover of words. Language fascinates me, with its complexities, the possibilities it offers, with its breathtaking beauty (Which is almost a pun...But only almost). So, naturally, this shall be the primary focus and subject matter of this blog. I will take you along with me, on my journey through life as a lover of words, expressed most significantly through my endeavors as an author.

Now, I cannot promise that I'll be a terribly regular blogger. I shall try, at least initially as I do plan on becoming more dedicated, to post at least once a week. And, seeing as how I am literally beginning this blog the morning of my last final, this should not prove to be too difficult. We. Shall. See.

Why am I doing this? Well, there are quite a few reasons, not the least of which is that I feel I've watched the lively online writing community from the sidelines for far too long. I think it's about time I participated in the insanity. The other, more selfish, reason is that I see this as a wonderful opportunity to develop my writing. 

Now, I know I said earlier that blogs are primarily for publishing thoughts, and in a sense, that's true. However, that is not all I desire. I would like, and it is very much my goal, for this to be an interaction, a dialogue. Because simply publishing your thoughts is boring. It is the response you get that makes it worthwhile.

Well, here is my introduction, and a few thoughts. I realize that it is short, and somewhat incomplete, but that's the point of blogging, isn't it? To delve deeper, to constantly build upon, to explore. So...will you go on an adventure with me? I'm fascinated to see where it'll lead.

P.S. - My name's Blake. Just in case you were wondering.
P.P.S. - Warning/Disclaimer: I'm utterly insane. I only specify this for those of you who do not automatically equate the words "author" and "insane". You have been warned.


  1. HUZZAH. This is most exciting!! Let me know when you decide to put up the "follow this blog" grid and I will gladly add you to my circle of followed blogs. :D

    You won't regret this. It might take you a few weeks, or even months, to figure out what is your best update schedule, etc --- but you won't regret it. Consider it an ongoing resume for your future publisher. :)

    And now that you've got a blog AND Twitter, I know all sorts of writing mischief I can get you into....

    1. As soon as I solve the mystery of this "follow this blog" grid, I shall do it. And let you know.

      I am quite excited, I must say. I do hope to have a decent schedule, don't want to stagnate and breed cyber-mosquitoes, and now that I've opened this can of worms I have actually found many topics in my mind. It's awesome.

      And I trust you will shamelessly involve me. Drag me to the depths!!!

  2. Go Blake! You might complete the inspiration I need to start one of my own.

    1. Do it! Kassie, the web needs your voice.

      We need you, and then Darlene, and the Y5 will be unleashed in full force!

    2. YES. What he said. Next step in world domination!!!!