Friday, May 11, 2012

More Flash Fiction!

Hello again! This makes the third consecutive day that I have posted, and while neither this nor the last are terribly substantial, they are posts nonetheless.

Also...don't come to expect such regular updates. Though I'd like to continue this pace, and might even manage  it sporadically through the summer, it's highly unlikely. So enjoy it while you can.

So, today's post consists of yet another foray into the dangerous world of Flash Fiction (dangerous because of it's addictive nature, naturally). I was introduced to Friday Fictioneers (Hosted by Madison Woods on her blog.) by the awesome McKenzie Barham on her blog The Other Side of Sorrow. FF gives you a photo prompt which you use as inspiration for a one hundred word Flash Fiction.

So I decided to try it. Here is my entry.

Moon and Sky

            It always happens in the grove, and the moon always watches.

            The trees guard us from sight, though no one comes here who does not already know. The trees still guard; the moon still watches.

            We file into the grove at random. There is no order to it, no pattern. At times, the first to arrive is the baker’s kid. Other times, the pastor.

            No one talks. Ever.

            And it’s not till the music swells that there is any sound, other than the quiet whispers of those who led us there.

The music envelops, and we sing its will.

Tis not my favorite thing I've ever written, but I like it okay. It seems to hold potential for a short story, and I might revisit it for just such a purpose in the future...

So tell me what you think! Once again, all feedback is appreciated.

Also, you really should visit those two blogs I linked to, up above. Even if you're not interested in participating. They're great blogs, and definitely worth your time!


  1. Oooh, I like it, definitely a short story lurking there, one with a twist I'm sure!! Adding you to my blog read list.

    1. I'm glad you see the potential! I'm definitely filing this in my mind. Letting it age a bit before I try anything with it.

      I'm flattered! I hope you find it worth your attention. =)

      (Also, I apologize if I overuse the "parenthetical smiley face" thing. I get a little crazy with them, sometimes. It's just so nice to smile. Haha)

    2. ...and I apologize for overusing my ever-present dot dot dots... ;-)